Anna Kinberg Batra Appointed Governor of Stockholm County

Appointment Brings Changes to Nederman Group

Anna Kinberg Batra, former board member of the Nederman Group, has been appointed as the Governor of Stockholm County by the Swedish government. Following her appointment, Batra is required to leave her position at Nederman with immediate effect.

Valuable Contributions to Nederman

Johan Menckel, chair of the Nederman Board, has expressed gratitude towards Anna for her valuable contributions to the board. Her experience has reportedly contributed to an increased understanding of the company’s business.

Board Composition Meets Requirements

According to Nederman’s articles of association, the board must consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of eight members. Following Batra’s resignation, the board will consist of five members, which meets the requirements set by the company’s articles.

Farewell and Best Wishes

Menckel wishes Batra the best of luck in her new assignment and thanks her for her contributions to the Nederman board.

Exciting New Chapter for Anna Kinberg Batra

This appointment marks a new and exciting chapter for Anna Kinberg Batra in her professional career, as she takes on the role of Governor of Stockholm County.

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