Setra Appoints Marcus Westdahl as New CEO

In a move aimed at strengthening its position in the wood industry, Setra, a leading Swedish company, has appointed Marcus Westdahl as its new CEO. The company, which has recently made significant investments in new modern equipment, is confident that Westdahl’s extensive experience in the furniture and paper industries will help it achieve even better results.

The Appointment of Marcus Westdahl

Following the resignation of Katarina Levin as Setra’s CEO, the company’s Board announced that Marcus Westdahl would take over the role. Westdahl is currently the CEO of EFG European Furniture Group and has held several senior positions in the wood and paper industries over the past two decades. Anders Källström, Chairman of Setra, praised Westdahl’s ability to lead and develop successful teams and his keen interest in sustainable development. Westdahl himself expressed his pride and pleasure in taking on the role and his excitement at helping shape the company’s journey.

Setra’s Recent Investments

In recent years, Setra has invested heavily in new modern equipment, building new drying facilities and new machines that increase capacity. The company has also constructed a brand new trimming and planing line in Hasselfors and has seen its wood industry centre in Långshyttan continue to grow. Setra specializes in the manufacturing of glulam, CLT, joists, and components.

Setra’s Future Plans

Setra’s Chairman, Anders Källström, is optimistic about the company’s future and its ability to continue its positive development, even in a somewhat tougher market. He cites the company’s exciting market position and owners’ eagerness to invest in increasing efficiency and competitiveness as key factors. Setra’s new CEO, Marcus Westdahl, will take over the role in the coming months, and the date of his appointment will be announced soon.


Setra’s appointment of Marcus Westdahl as its new CEO marks an important step in the company’s journey towards increased efficiency, competitiveness, and sustainability. With Westdahl’s extensive experience and Setra’s recent investments in modern equipment, the company is poised to achieve even greater success in the future.

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