James Tootell Joins Europi Property Group as Asset Management Director, Bringing Vast Experience and Growth Opportunities

James Tootell, an accomplished professional in the field of asset management, has joined Europi Property Group as their new Asset Management Director. With his appointment, Europi Property Group aims to bolster their investment portfolio across the UK and Europe. Based in the London office, James will assume the responsibility of overseeing the asset management of Europi’s investment portfolio, working alongside local operating partners. This addition to the team is expected to enhance Europi’s capabilities and provide new growth opportunities for the company.


James Tootell’s Impressive Background


Before joining Europi Property Group, James Tootell served as the Head of Asset Management at Singaporean investor Elite Partners Capital. During his tenure at Elite, James successfully established and managed the UK-based operational framework for their diverse portfolio of approximately 170 assets. Notably, this included assets held within the renowned Elite Commercial REIT, listed on the Singapore SGX exchange. Prior to his role at Elite, James spent over 16 years as the Asset Management Director – North at Telereal Trillium, where he gained invaluable experience and honed his expertise.


Europi’s Investment Focus and Key Themes


Europi Property Group has identified several key investment themes that align with their strategic goals. Among these themes are CityBee, a value-add office strategy focusing on European innovation cities, encompassing eight assets and spanning an impressive 77,000 square meters. Additionally, Ecologis, a value-add logistics strategy based in Portugal, presents an opportunity to invest in ten assets covering a substantial 152,000 square meters. Europi also pursues investments in Publics and Special Situations, further diversifying their portfolio and capitalizing on emerging prospects.


Jonathan Willén, CEO at Europi Property Group, Expresses Delight


In response to James Tootell’s appointment, Jonathan Willén, the CEO of Europi Property Group, expressed his delight and confidence in the company’s new addition. He stated, “I’m delighted to welcome James to Europi, and we’re confident that his experience will be a strong addition to our team and growing portfolio.” Furthermore, Willén emphasized the company’s intention to expand their exposure to logistics and industrial assets, both in the UK and abroad. He anticipates intriguing opportunities in the medium term, which align with Europi’s strategy for sustainable growth.


James Tootell’s Enthusiasm and Commitment to Europi’s Growth


James Tootell, upon joining Europi Property Group, expressed his pleasure in becoming a part of the impressive team at Europi. He eagerly looks forward to supporting the company’s continued growth and contributing to the assessment of new opportunities expected to arise in the coming months. With his extensive experience and expertise, James Tootell is well-positioned to guide Europi in making informed investment decisions and capitalizing on the evolving real estate landscape.


A Promising Future for Europi Property Group


The addition of James Tootell to Europi Property Group marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth trajectory. With his appointment as Asset Management Director, Europi aims to strengthen its position in the market and capitalize on emerging opportunities. The company is committed to expanding its exposure to logistics and industrial assets, particularly in the UK. As Europi sets its sights on sustained growth, it will leverage Tootell’s experience and expertise to navigate the evolving real estate landscape.




The arrival of James Tootell as Europi Property Group’s Asset Management Director signifies a momentous step forward for the company. Europi is poised to enhance its investment portfolio across the UK and Europe with Tootell’s guidance. The CEO, Jonathan Willén, and the entire Europi team are confident that Tootell’s extensive experience will be a valuable asset to their organization. As Europi embarks on a journey of growth and expansion, it anticipates exciting opportunities in logistics and industrial assets. With Tootell at the helm of asset management, Europi Property Group is well-positioned to thrive in the dynamic real estate market.


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