Sofia Uhrbom Appointed Interim CFO at Pharmacolog, Bringing Extensive Financial Expertise to Drive Growth

In a significant move within the pharmaceutical industry, Pharmacolog has announced the appointment of Sofia Uhrbom as the interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With her extensive experience in finance and a solid background as CFO in several owner-managed companies in Sweden, Sofia is set to contribute to the growth and success of Pharmacolog. This article explores Sofia’s qualifications, the CEO’s comments, and Pharmacolog’s commitment to improving patient safety through their innovative products.

Sofia Uhrbom: A Financial Expert with International Experience


Sofia Uhrbom brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her new role as interim CFO at Pharmacolog. With a high school diploma in finance, she has established herself as a seasoned professional, having served as CFO in multiple owner-managed companies in Sweden with international group structures. Her experience in managing financial reporting, accounting, and financial control in an international environment makes her an ideal fit for the position. Prior to joining Pharmacolog, Sofia worked as the administrative manager at Svensk Galopp, showcasing her versatility and adaptability in the financial sector.


CEO’s Appreciation for Liselotte Söder and Warm Welcome to Sofia Uhrbom


Lars Gusch, the CEO of Pharmacolog, expressed his heartfelt appreciation for Liselotte Söder, the outgoing interim CFO, for her invaluable contributions during her tenure. Söder’s decision to step down from her position was her own initiative, and Gusch extended his best wishes for her future endeavors. Simultaneously, Gusch warmly welcomed Sofia Uhrbom to Pharmacolog and the role of interim CFO. Recognizing Sofia’s extensive experience in financial reporting, accounting, and financial control within an international setting, Gusch emphasized her importance as a key player in Pharmacolog’s journey of growth and expansion.


Pharmacolog’s Mission: Enhancing Medication Safety


At the core of Pharmacolog’s mission is the provision of solutions and products that enhance work efficiency and safety in the preparation of injectable medication. The company is dedicated to preventing medication errors and ensuring maximum medication efficacy when treating patients with potent yet potentially harmful injectable drugs. Pharmacolog’s innovative products are designed to assist staff in pharmacies and hospital wards in minimizing the risk of errors during the compounding process. By prioritizing patient safety, Pharmacolog aims to empower healthcare professionals to deliver the highest standard of care.


Verifying Medication Integrity to Combat Drug Diversion


In addition to their focus on preventing medication errors, Pharmacolog’s solutions play a crucial role in combating drug diversion. By verifying the integrity of drugs and narcotics used in surgery, Pharmacolog’s innovative offerings ensure that these substances have not been tampered with, providing an added layer of security. This proactive approach contributes significantly to maintaining the safety and trustworthiness of medication administered during critical procedures. Pharmacolog’s commitment to combating drug diversion reflects their dedication to upholding ethical standards and protecting patient welfare.


A Promising Future with Sofia Uhrbom on Board


With Sofia Uhrbom assuming the role of interim CFO, Pharmacolog is poised for a promising future. Sofia’s extensive experience and expertise in financial matters, particularly within an international environment, position her as a valuable asset in driving the company’s growth and financial success. Her contributions will be instrumental in supporting Pharmacolog’s mission to enhance medication safety and expand their innovative product portfolio. With Sofia’s guidance, Pharmacolog is well-equipped to navigate the dynamic landscape of the pharmaceutical industry and continue providing cutting-edge solutions for safe medication preparation.




The appointment of Sofia Uhrbom as interim CFO marks a significant development for Pharmacolog. Sofia’s extensive financial background, combined with her international experience, makes her an ideal candidate to support the company’s growth and financial objectives. Pharmacolog’s commitment to enhancing patient safety through their innovative solutions remains unwavering. As the company looks to the future, the expertise and leadership brought by Sofia Uhrbom are sure to drive the company towards even greater success and make a significant impact in the field of medication safety.

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